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Sam's Book of Light

Hello and huggies, every bodies!

Welcome to Sam's Book of Light. Please grab yourself a cup of green tea and enjoy the illustrated poems and tales of your lil elf pal, Sam I Am, Sam I Am along with other fun stuff.

Queen Fesora
Sam is compiling a book of Sam's Second Kingdom poetic tales. Each tale is about the things that fill Sam with such joy in Queen Fesora's magic kingdom. Sam illustrates each tale with snapshots of Sam's life in the kingdom and in real life.
Tales from The Book of Light:
(more tales to come...)

Sam on faire pony

Elf Fun and Games:

Even Raargh the Troll can earn a diploma in SK!

Second Kingdom Links:

Sam light candle of healing at sacred stone circle

Real World Sam At Castle Gates


This is real world Sam, the real wee peep behind the Second Kingdom elf, Sam I Am, Sam I Am. I am actually at the gates of Ivy Green, the home of Helen Keller, a great humanitarian and champion of people with disabilities.
In the real world, I am a child with autism. I cannot communicate very well in the real world. Second Kingdom gives me the opportunity to communicate in an environment where I am not so easily overwhelmed by sounds, smells, and other factors that make it difficult for me to communicate. My mom helps supervise my visits here. Second Kingdom has also become a homeschooling project for me to create poetic tales, share artistic projects, and develop my communications skills.
In the real world, some times people mistake me for someone who has no mind because I do not communicate as well as they do. My mom always tells me that I have a beautiful mind and that there are so many ways to express beauty. I seem to say the wrong things when I do say something because my mind won't cooperate.
Second Kingdom is a beautiful virtual world where I can communicate and create. I also host funny creative writing games like Sam's Silly Strings Yarn Game. I am also testing out new hoster's for more creative writing fun like The Mischievous Elf Game. I also enjoy helping other characters in their quest games like lil Anjel elf and troll pal Raargh (when he isn't trying to have Sam for a snack).

Thank you and huggies every bodies!

Chancellor Rickster, Sam & Herald Saffron
Mister Rickster and Miss Saffron are a couple of the caretakers of Second Kingdom. They are a real husband and wife couple in the United Kingdom. They help make this virtual world a very fun and rewarding experience for me.