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The First Autumn


The First Autumn
by Sam I Am, Sam I Am

Old Man Tree wept leaves of gold
when Plentur of the bountiful heart
passed into the land of shadows old.

The once verdant and  joyous forest of light
almost faded into mere memory
as the ancient ones were touched by sorrow's blight.

The sugar kissed faerie maples upon the hill
soon lost interest in their green games tew
as they cried leaves of orange red at will.

Sadness seeped along the wooded path
as the fragrant flowering trees shook
fruit and flowers in death's aftermath.

Even dark forest began to shed green
Beloved King  Plentur the Good was dead.
Long live Fesora, our dear sweet Queen.

The land braced itself as the green departed,
the first autumn was upon the land
our sweet queen was broken hearted.

Before the first snow flakes fell to the ground,
all the birds left the kingdom,
no ravens to guide, no birdies around.

Our dear queen would not leave Plentur's grave,
the once happy elves began to whine
"our trees and our queen, we elves must save!"

The elves tried sticking leaves yellowed and red,
back onto the trees with such determination
except Lil Sammies who made garland for head.

Sam not glue leaves on the tree, Sam not dope!
King Plentur once give Sam dove with broken wing,
Sam take care of dove, her name is Hope.

Sam placed Hope into Queen Fesora's hand,
Dear Queen Fesora smiled with a tear in her eye,
Thank yew little one for bringing Hope to the land.

The queen's tear touched the wounded dove
and the snow began to melt into spring.
Sam know Hope springs eternal with kindness & love.

Sam's Real World Baby Bird
Photo by Sam

Sam's Origami Peace Cranes
Photography by Sam