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Origami Book: Section 1 Tool Sampler

Photo Page/1 Picture

Section 1 Sampler of TIFF Images

Note: Tools are arranged in Chinese: Feng Shui and Japanese: Ikebana design sense as author is trained in Feng Shui and Ikebana arrangement of objects and plant materials


Washi paper assortment


Assorted paper clips and hemostat/forceps used to secure parts of the origami during mounting, gluing or stiffener wet folding operations

A tree in autumn; Actual size=240 pixels wide

Close-up of rotary trimmer and blades for paper cutting and scoring

The following images are in compressed JPG form of much larger TIFF files. The JPGs pictured are about 25 times smaller than their TIFF counterparts. Also, JPG images lose alot of the color and detail of the original TIFF files. The photographs that are included on the CD are all 8.5 inch x 6.4 inch TIFF files at 300 DPI (2560x1920 pixels). Hand drawn symbols are also included for the graphic designer to redraw in digital format. Only a sampling of the photographs are included in the visual reports as even the JPGs are large for web pages and take time to download.

Thank you for dropping by. I will add more Sampler pages to provide visual reports of the work in progress for other sections of the Origami book. Sampler pages will be added as soon as I can make copies of the large TIFF files for JPG resizing, brightness control, and compression.

Best wishes,


Detail scissors, straight edge scissors, two patterned scissors


Rubber cement, fast drying white tacky glue, industrial bond adhesive, hot glue gun & sticks, jeweler's cement


Assorted rubber stamps, acrylic paints, spray paints & glitter, and decorative paper punches


Essential tools for creasing, scoring and fine tuning origami


These are the type of folding symbols that will be included in the folding instructions. The symbols need to be digitally redrawn by your graphic designer.