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Sam's Falling Leaf Festival Silly String


The following yarn is presented for your viewing pleasure uneditted to preserve the spontaneous combustion nature of a yarn game.
Warning: Sam had no control over the minds of the contestants who wove this truly alien yarn. One contestant commented that the reason Second Kingdom staff like Chancellor Rickster and Herald Saffron are favorite yarn targets subjects is that it is one of the few ways we common folk can get back at some of the more illustrious staff members. Sam thinks this is Second Kingdom's version of a political cartoon...
~*~*~*~And so the story begins~*~*~*~
While hunting for leaves in the Light Forest, I spotted....
Herald Saffron Laying On the Ground with her feet in the Air
OMG!! I shouted, "WHAT ARE YOU DOING??"
"Im lookin for aliens," She Replied
I asked why she was looking for them, she replied "Because they are pink... and I love PINK THINGS!!"
And my feet are in the air because I know they will be attracted to my pink socks.
welll welll welll.... pink socks eh?? so ya got the pink bra to match???" I asked.
Suddenly Chancelor Rick deghosted and stood right infront of Saff... and yelled "OMG! WHAT THE HECK ARE YOU DOING GIRL?"
Saff ansered.. "ummmm... admireing my pink socks"
Saff them jumped up, brushed off her robe and got out her amulet..  She looked at Rick with evil eyes... all of a sudden POOOOOF!!!! rick turned all pink
OMG!!! Ive beeeeeeeeeen pinkeeeeeeeeeeed!!! Rick then ran away crying.. Saff looked at him with an evil grin on her face and began to laugh.. she laughed to hard.. she peed in her pink panties
I dont think Rick is ever commin back.. Saff said.. hmm.. I asked.. so is there an opening for Chancellor now?
so the Moral of the story is... if you wanna get ahead in the Kingdom.. to knock someone higher in charge.. so you can get their position

Beware the wrath of Saff's peenking shears!
quoth the JerseyDevil, nevermore...


Chancellor Rickster appears to be aging rapidly as his hair turns white standing next to the beloved Herald Saffron in one of her gentler moments...


Chancellor Rickster calmly poses for your court reporter as the beloved Herald Saffron has an ebil moment...