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A Lil Boy Named Sam Hosted by Princess*Stardust*
This yarn was hosted by one of Sam's teen pals, the pretty Princess Stardust. As always, the story is presented uneditted for your viewing pleasure to preserve the spontaneous combustion nature of a yarn game.
Once There was A lil Boy named Sam....................

He loved wandering Second Kingdom so very much until one strange, clouded day...

Swamp troll Raargh was hunkering for some green ham and spotted Sam I Am...

"HmmGreen sam and Owl eggs sound good", thought Raargh...."ME EAT!!!!!!!"....Just then, Herald Saffron unghosted with paint book in hand and....

was just about to paint Raargh peeenk, when JD came by and... she accidently painted him instead...

jd looked so surprised that in the confusion raargh grabbed sam and rushed into the dark forest, followed by an hysterical saff and pretty pinkish jd

sam was petrified, he had been captured by Raargh, the ugly troll! What would he do he wondered? Just then..

out of no where Saff appeared, dragging poor pink JD behind her. She asked Raargh, "what do you think you're doing mister Raargh?" She grabbed Sam out of Raargh's arms and..

waved her magic book at raargh who turned into a great orange owl

This made Sam I Am very happy! for now he had a mate for his pet and they all could live happilly ever after

--- The Moral Of The Story Is ... ---

      Stay Away From Raargh

Lil Princess Stardust on Pony

Sam & Owl Play at Bird Feeder in the Castle Garden