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Da Sharks Wedding Yarn

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On the day of the Sharks wedding, I noticed

This sample yarn was part of Second Kingdom's very first wedding on September 8, 2002. The game was hosted by Miss Saffron who also presided over the wedding ceremony. The text to the story has been uneditted to preserve the spontaneous of a yarn game...ENJOY!

...On the day of the Sharks wedding, I noticed

...Raargh was eyine miss sharkie with mouth drolling...

..."Hungry Me am." Raargh said while wiping away the drool. "Me Want Sharkie Fin Soup."

...while wiping away the drool Raargh failed to notice the Shark eyeing him carefully. sharks attention was diverted by sam sam, who was jumping around him with a HUGE smile giving him his congrats!!!! the evil troll then tested his chances by...

...crawling towards her silently with a butter knife in his mouth. he was TRYING not to snort, but he got over excited, so his snorts ended up drowning out all the talking guests!!!

...the stunned guests all stopped talking in silence, some poised to spring when Raargh rose, wiped off the butter knife and presented it to Sharkie saying "My wedding Gift, it was my Grandma's".

...The beautiful bride thanked the gentle troll with a kiss which turned him immediately into a peenk princess

...Raargh's beauty was so great after being turned into a princess that Mr. Shark began eyeing Raargh.

...wondering if he made a big mistake marrying Sharkie since Raargh was more prettier and huggable, he decided he hadn't, grabbed up Sharkie and ran for the Honeymoon Suite for some wild sex

--- The Moral Of The Story Is ... ---

...Once a peenk bridesmaid, always a peenk bridesmaid...

Bridesmaid Raargh


Da Sharks Wedding Ceremony in Second Kingdom

Second Kingdom's First Wedding.

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