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Sam's Silly Strings
Sam's Silly Strings Story Links


Sam loves to tell stories and read them too. What better way to share one of Sam's favorite things to do on Second Kingdom than to host the Yarn Game on Second Kingdom!
A yarn is a silly tall tale that is woven by many storytellers. That is why Sam call Yarn Game Sam's Silly Strings.
As Sam hosts Sam's Silly Strings on Second Kingdom, Sam will post the stories to this web site. Stay tuned as Second Kingdom unwinds some colorful yarns to brighten your day.
1. Please keep story lines clean as there may be real wee peeps in the game like Sam.
2. Please have fun. The more outrageous and silly, the better!
3. Please weave Second Kingdom things into story lines like places, items and avatars. The story's setting will be started by Sam with a line like:
A funny thing happened on the way to the Castle Gates... 
4. ESP submissions to Sam I Am, Sam I Am within the time limit starting with the AT character: @
Time limit may vary depending on how hard Sam is laughing. It may take Sam a few moments to recover to resume the game.
5. Only one submission per contestant. Only your last ESPed submission within time frame will be used.
6. Contestants will then vote on favorite line submitted. Voted authors get points for submissions while an extra point is awarded to contestants who voted for the most popular line.
7. There will be 10 lines to add to the story. The last line is to be a funny moral like in Aesop & Son's Fables on the Rocky and Bullwinkle Show. Contestants with the highest scores win prizes.
8. While creative spelling and grammar is not prohibitted, the use of spellcasters during the game is prohibitted.
9. Special raffle prizes at end of game.
10. Check here or the Second Kingdom Events Scheduler at for game times.

Your green elf wee peep pal,
Sam I Am, Sam I Am

Silly Strings Alert:
Sam now officially hosting Sam's Silly Strings Yarn Game in Second Kingdom every Sunday, 5pm-6pm SKT/PST at Wooded Path 4. Hope tew see yew there! Huggies!

Sam enjoys fun stories!
Won't yew please help create
some fun yarns with Sam?