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Origami Sampler Projects
Geo Arts & Crafts Sampler


Origami Sampler Projects | Geoline's Beading Projects

The following photographs is a small sample of some of the origami projects which will be included in Geoline & Ernie's origami book. More photos to be added as we convert and upload more files to this page.

Butterfly Patchwork Wall Clock
Designed by Geoline & folded by 12-year-old Ernie

Origami Rose Jewelry Designed by Geoline
New York Peace Rose Brooch, Royal Amethyst Rose Necklace, Silver Amethyst Rose Brooch

Geoline's Origami Locking Heart Letter Fold
Folded by Ernie for Sweetheart Morgan

Bow & Rocket Money Fold Birthday Cards
Ernie loves tipping the waiters & waitresses with origami money!

*  *  *

Origami Frame Card & Mat Frame Designed by Geoline
Designed by Geoline & Ernie to honor Grandpa & Grandma who both passed away in 2001.